Balaton Chic-nik!

Lake Balaton | 8241 Aszófő, Kües utca 1.

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Ma’am Muci spoils you all day long!
Turn up at Muci’s any time of the day, and you will experience great Balaton vibes.
Muci is sizzling up her frying pan to sling you a rich breakfast and brunch, and fires up the grill to serve you luscious burgers while you linger in the garden. To top it all, she handpicked a selection of wines from the finest local wineries to melt your heart, so be her guest!


Breakfast, Burger, and Bar

about us

Balaton Chic-Nic!
The long urge to create an immersive culinary experience at Balaton of Eszter Csanda, Ádám Susánszky, Kristóf Hefkó, and Gábor Varga came to life at the court of ‘Kövesd a Mucit!’ Muci, who is a fictional character, is an extraordinary and well traveled cosmopolitan, a true socialite. Muci’s menu is inspired by her travels and international culinary finds, flavors from the Middle/Far East, her roots are continental, and most definitely modern.

Opening hours

Temporary closed, see you in 2023!